Mother of Bride

July 14, 2014 category:

My family and I would like to thank you and everyone at Federal City for making Katy’s and Mike’s wedding so lovely. All of our guests loved your food. The lemon ice was a hit (!), as were the artichokes, the crab cakes, the lobster rolls, and the prosciutto-wrapped pears. People┬ánoticed the special touches, the watermelon hearts and the little biscuits.┬áThe groomsmen told the groom, “This food is awesome!”

The thing I was not prepared for, and will never forget, is the quality of anticipatory and all-encompassing service we received. I felt like I was wrapped in a cocoon of gracious competence. It was practically like mental telepathy- sometimes before I even voiced the thought, I would find the thing had already been done, the concern solved.

These must be the qualities that separate the great from the good. Federal City is great!

Sincerest thanks to you and your entire organization.


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